Add-on System Integration

High flexibility thanks to the perfect integration of add-on systems

Parking Guidance & Car Finder

From the smallest to the largest operations: Maximize the use of your facility with a Parking Guidance System and Car Finder.

With a Parking Guidance System you are providing more comfort for the end-user, reduce the time spent searching for a parking space, get a better overall traffic flow and ensure optimal use of your car park. Signs at the entrance and throughout the parking garage indicate available parking spaces. Digital signs display directional symbols to guide customers to the nearest free parking space. Cameras and license plate recognition help customers to find their cars more quickly.

Your benefits using Parking Guidance & Car Finder

Less searching, less emissions

  • Help your customers to find a parking space more quickly and reduce congestion.
  • With the car finder function on the skiosk display, the SKIDATA APMs, customers find their cars quickly. This saves them time on the way back to the car.

Optimize utilization

As a customer vacates a parking space, the now-available spot is immediately displayed at the entrance.

  • Maximize the use of your facility, especially during times of peak demand.
  • Every available spot is quick & easily found by your customers.
  • Your next customer can already drive-in while the departing customer is on the way to the exit.

Analyze customer behavior

  • Gain insight into your visitor’s behavior.
  • Analyze the length of stay of your customers and which are the preferred parking spots.
  • Provide differentiated prices dependent on the parking spot.

With the integrated system QUERCUS, Spot control, video recording is triggered by movement in/around the parking space.

  • Increase security as each bay can be video monitored, and all movements are recorded.
  • LED Displays show available parking spots.

SKIDATA Add-on System Integration offers you:

  • A single point of contact for an accurately fitting and seamless integration by a specially dedicated and experienced SKIDATA team
  • A wide choice of options from the large network of SKIDATA pre-screened and certified partner companies and their solutions
  • Specific integration of your own existing systems, such as IT infrastructure and IT solutions including ERP, CRM or management information systems
  • Custom integration of employee identification cards, loyalty cards, parking guidance systems, license plate recognition, single-space systems, etc.

With the open SKIDATA system and its flexible interfaces, you can easily and securely integrate add-on systems. You take advantage of the many benefits of the complete SKIDATA solutions, and at the same time you do not have to give up familiar or desired products from other manufacturers. In this way you always remain flexible. And the best part: as systems integrator, SKIDATA can provide your complete solution from a single source - you don't have to worry about anything.

Integrate people access solutions for buildings, observation decks, event locations or stadiums. Or choose from a number of integrated partner solutions and their third-party products: for example, electric charging stations, license plate recognition, e-commerce or single-space systems. There are also more than 100 reader systems and data carriers, 200 integrated payment solutions, as well as opportunities for integrating toll solutions. Parking.Logic makes all this possible. Using the SKIDATA Business Enabling Services platform you can also integrate services such as mobile payment apps or external reservation systems, management information systems, CRM, ERP or Business Intelligence. A specially dedicated and experienced SKIDATA team is responsible for a perfect fitting and carefree integration.

SKIDATA integration

  • seamless and secure integration of third-party systems
  • a complete solution from a single source
  • countless integrated partner solutions and their third-party products

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SKIDATA Integration Solutions:

Or customize the solution using Add-on Systems:

  • Signs and parking guidance systems
  • License Plate Recognition
  • Intercom and video solutions
  • Single-space solutions
  • Existing data carriers
  • Electric charging systems
  • Country-specific payment solutions
  • Integration into IT infrastructures
  • Fiscal solutions
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Customer loyalty systems
  • Data interfaces to IT systems
  • Integration into customer applications