Visitor Management Solutions for Fairs, Theme and Amusement Parks

The Fun Begins at the Entrance with Easy Parking and Access Control

Make fun even easier to access: SKIDATA’s innovative parking space and people access solutions enable smooth vehicle access to parking lots and quick pedestrian access to attractions. With this, visits to amusement parks and tourist attractions are a positive experience right from the start – for operators and guests alike.

From theme parks to water parks, zoos to other leisure oases, SKIDATA’s complete solutions for efficient visitor management delivers with a high degree of flexibility for customer-specific tailoring and open system interfaces.

The SKIDATA Solution

Amusement park visitor management solutions

  • Attractive, tailored onsite and online solutions
  • Throughput of high visitor flow in the shortest time: groups, family and handicap checkpoints
  • Multi-channel ticketing: ticket booking via numerous distribution networks
  • Use of state-of-the-art ticketing methods: RFID, mobile ticketing, Print@Home
  • Consistent and customised loyalty program
  • Multi-level fail-safe concept: effortless access in the event of failure of individual modules
  • Customer-specific analysis/statistics at the press of a button using Handshake.Logic
  • Integration of third-party systems such as POS or CRM applications and restaurants
  • Cashless payment throughout the entire venue
  • A single solution for visitor access and parking management (integration of visitor, VIP and long-term parking spaces and access für employees)

Relaxation, enjoyment, excitement – everything with one card.

At a Glance

Download here all information about SKIDATA solutions for theme and amusement parks.



Parco Natura Viva (Italy)


  • Individual and flexible solution from a single source using Handshake.Logic and Vario.Gate
  • 2 ticketing solutions
  • Option to integrate other sales channels
  • Interface to the zoo's ERP system
  • Monitoring of sales and entries

WUB Skate/BMX Hall (Austria)


  • The latest SKIDATA turnkey system designed specifically to meet the needs of small and mid-sized installations in the recreational and events field
  • Easy access with bicycles
  • Cost-efficieve, always up-to-date and future proofed


Nürburgring (Germany)


  • 12 entry gate
  • 150 entry points
  • SKIDATA provides fast access to the parking facilities in addition to seamless
    access to the attractions.
  • Bank and credit cards can also be used for parking

Legoland (Germany)


    • 24 cash registers and 14 access readers
    • Integration of SKIDATA parking system
    • Customer-specific reader configuration
    • Revolving doors for handicapped access

    Ski Dubai (UAE)


    • 10 entry points
    • High capacity for 1,500 skiers
    • Access management & ticketing using a SKIDATA solution

    Gardens of Poseidon (Italy)


    • 14 entry points
    • Resistance to external environmental influences due to location on the sea
    • Various ticketing solutions
    • Differentiation between beach and thermal bath guests

    Madrid Snow Zone (Spain)


    • 7 entry points
    • Use of season passes
    • Groups management
    • Use of escape mechanisms
    • Revolving doors for handicapped access

    Skistar-Experium (Sweden)


    • Resort Management by SKIDATA and RTP: Experium is another example of SKIDATA and RTP's successful partnership in resort management solutions
    • Reusable RFID data medium
    • Flexible prices: ski pass holders must be differentiated from one-day visitors of the recreation center
    • Cashless payment throughout the recreation center