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Add-on System Integration

High flexibility thanks to the perfect integration of add-on systems

SKIDATA Add-on System Integration offers you:

  • Flexibility through the selection available from a large network of SKIDATA pre-screened partner companies and their solutions
  •  Additional payment options and expanded sales channels, such as webshops, ticketing partners, and more
  • Simultaneous use of a wide range of various ticketing systems
  • Customer-oriented marketing activities, such as gamification and loyalty programs

With the open SKIDATA system and its flexible interfaces, you can easily and securely integrate add-on systems. You take advantage of the many benefits of the complete SKIDATA solutions, and at the same time you do not have to give up familiar or desired products from other manufacturers. In this way you always remain flexible, and have the comfort of knowing that as systems integrator, SKIDATA can provide your complete solution from a single source.

Benefit from the entire range of SKIDATA expertise also in other business segments by integrating your parking system, for example. Or you can choose from the many integrated partner solutions and their certified third-party products: external webshop and advance sales solutions, guest card systems, ERP & CRM, payment options, gamification and loyalty are just a few examples. In addition, to date a wide range of 160 different partner ticketing systems can be used simultaneously with the SKIDATA Event solution. A project-dedicated and experienced SKIDATA team is responsible for the perfect integration.

SKIDATA integration

  • seamless and secure integration of third-party systems
  • a complete solution from a single source
  • countless integrated partner solutions and their third-party products

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SKIDATA Integration Solutions:

Or customize the solution using Add-on Systems:

  • External tickets
  • Payment and return machines
  • Billing and payment solutions