The SKIDATA solution can cover a wide variety of use cases. Selected examples are described here.

Leisure Solution

Efficient visitor management for recreational facilities with the SKIDATA Leisure Solution - the complete solution for state-of-the-art ticket sales, secure access control, intelligent analysis and targeted marketing.

• Intuitive ticket sales over multiple sales channels
• Effective access control for optimized personnel deployment
• Targeted marketing based on meaningful guest data
• Enhanced visitor experience and attractive partnership opportunities


Digital, flexible, modular: SKIDATA Leisure Solution - sync your ticket
and access systems with integrated parking.


Effortless ticket sales through multiple sales channels
Whether a leisure facility, museum or event location
- the path to the visitor today is the simple ticket
purchase. SKIDATA offers many possibilities:

skiosk Family
• The new skiosk Smart and skiosk Lite multifunctional
vending machines let you sell parking-integrated access
tickets at any time, without personnel.

• Your easily customized cash registers help cashiers to
concentrate on the essentials: your guests! Effectively
manage demand and utilization using situationdependent
prices and promotions with proPOS.Cash.
• The intuitive user interface makes the operation even
easier for your cashier and enables role-based rights

sweb eTicket

• Users can buy tickets from the comfort of their
homes using the integrated web shop and use
them on their smartphones with sweb eTicket.