Parking Solutions for Cities and Municipalities

Overarching Parking Space City Solutions

More than half of the world’s population already lives in cities now – and daily commuters and city visitors have to be added to this number. In the urban mobility sector, parking plays an important role – whether parking at work, at home, in the city center or at the outskirts. Make parking a part of the city life and connect flowing traffic with stationary traffic.

SKIDATA offers a comprehensive solution portfolio for overarching parking space city solutions. Web-based applications for access controls and customer management (such as for retail, residents and employees) as well as Park & Ride concepts for commuters turn the city into an inviting space.

Integrated Car Park Management for Smart City Solutions

The SKIDATA Solution

Profitable parking facility operation

  • Investment guarantee, long service life & continual development
  • Open architecture: integration of third-party systems such as customer management software, reservation platforms, valet parking and license plate detection
  • Automatic error messages with warning levels
  • Remote management for automated parking garages
  • Central control and automation: networking multiple parking facilities
  • More transparency in your garage: comprehensive reporting

Successful car parking management.

The SKIDATA Solution

Flexible City Solutions by SKIDATA

  • Attractive online solutions, adapted to the requirements of various customer groups, e.g. apartment parking, corporate and company parking
  • Simple interconnection of resident parking spaces, Park & Ride and inner-city parking facilities with City Card services
  • Only one or few tickets for a variety of services (e.g. long-range keytag for parking and a City Card for the use of public transport and public facilities)
  • Customer management via any chosen e-commerce platform: such as B2B for business customers and B2C for end consumer self-service
  • Integration of existing infrastructure such as roller doors
  • Flexible access and payment solutions
  • Linking of intelligent parking guidance systems
  • Parking garage information right on the customer’s GPS device (e.g. availability of parking spaces and of electric battery charging columns)
  • Transparent analysis and valuable information about your customers

Experience Infinite Freedom with SKIDATA’s City Solutions.


Find here all information about SKIDATA´s traffic control systems and parking solutions for cities and municipalities.

Flyer Cities and Municipalities


Parking Merced (Chile)


  • A high-end, reliable solution, with a special focus on design and functionality
  • APMs with the option to pay with credit card
  • A future-ready, upgradable system 

    Amsterdam (Netherlands)


    • Concept for on-street and off-street parking.
    • Initiative to reduce the number of residents parking their vehicles on the streets.
    • Solution consist of offering residents a defined time window during which they can park in the parking garages located in the city.

    Brunn am Gebirge (Austria)


    • Initiated by a program that involved the local population, the locals arranged for a parking garage to be built.
    • Option to pay by credit card at the automated payment machine with online-clearing.

    © Wöhr

    Parksafe Franklin (Hungary)


    • Mechanical parking system – A pallet solution creates parking with minimal space behind landmarked facades.
    • Identification of license plate – All license plate numbers are filmed upon entry, matched to the ticket, and stored by the software application. Vehicles are thus identifiable without a ticket.